Beautiful Day for an Engagement shoot!

With summer just around the corner the snow has finally melted away from ottawa! What does this mean you say!!! Well it means warm weather, sunny days and wedding season is now in full swing!

I have had a few winter weddings and early spring weddings but today is the offical kick start to my summer line up of shooting! It couldn’t have started out better with a bright sunny day out in the counrty.

I took a drive out today just a little past Renfrew to meet up with a couple to do their engagement shoot today. let me tell you we had a lot of fun! We used a four wheeler and a nice dodge car in the photos as well as a few other props! I was so excited for these pictures that I had to start working on them tonight before bed and I couldn’t keep you guys from seeing a few so have a look below and let me know what you think!

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Enjoy the sneak peak!


JsC Photography

New Photo’s!

Hey Guy!

It’s been a busy month filled with lots of engagement shoot’s i started off the new year with two wonderful weddings and was busy with engagement shoot’s every weekend!

Even with this chilly -34 windchill all these clients have been wonderful to brake the cold. We did our best to doge these CRAZY cold days and wait on the warmer one. No one wants to be out in -34 weather lol. Here are a few of the shots from these past few shoot’s 🙂 you can find more in the engagement portfolio! you can also find frequent updates on my facebook page at

2013 Recap!

Hey Guys!

It was a busy 2013! and I couldn’t be happier with all that I have done this summer! it was busy and it was fun! I am just finishing up some winter engagement shoots to finish off the year and then it’s a week vacation for me with family visiting! and kicking off the new year with two weddings right out of the gate 🙂 with lots more to fallow! I still have a few dates open but it’s filling up fast!

I would like to take this time to thank all my clients that have been apart of this wonderful year with out you guys i wouldn’t have the portfolio i have today! you were all wonderful to work with and i wish everyone all the best!

Starting the new year i will be accepting orders for albums and prints!  Please contact JsC Photography for a digital brochure outlining all types of albums and prices.

Below is a recap of this years photo’s from different moments this year!

Keeping Busy!!!

Since the beginning of wedding season JsC Photography has been busy out shooting weddings and engagement shoots! One of the best parts of being a photographer is bring home the photo’s and starting on bring them to life! feel free to take a look on my site for some new photo’s. In the mean time have a few engagement shots posted here for everyone to view!


Enjoy! as i had a wonderful time preparing them to share!

That is all for now!


Remember to keep smiling for the camera



JsC Photography

Here We GO!

This past month has been quite a busy one! with wedding every weekend including a back to back saturday sunday wedding i have been so busy with finishing up some wonderful photo’s. I finally got the time today to be able to share some of my favourites! You will also be able to see these new photo’s in my website portfolio as well as my facebook page Feel free to “like” my page and fallow for some great updates and deals!

well here they are fresh out of the editing room!


That is all for now guys!

thanks for checking out the new photo’s

JsC Photography

Engagement Adventure Downtown Ottawa

I couldn’t wait to go out and capture a wonderful couple’s engagement shoots today. We went out and ventured around downtown ottawa and captured some wonderful moments! When it was all said and done their was nothing else i couldn’t look forward to when i got home than start editing these wonderful photo’s. Not to worry i didn’t leave you guys out…. like always here is a sneak peak at todays shoot! i hope you all enjoy it as much as i am!



Thanks for stopping by and checking out my new photo’s! i better get back on finishing up all this editing!

Remember to keep smiling for the camera


JsC Photography

Nothing But Love and Joy!

Yesterday was a lovely day not only was it mothers day! but it filled with love and happiness at Nadel and Josh’s wedding! I couldn’t be happier to be apart of such a wonderful celebration! I have taken this morning to go through some of their photo’s and post a sneak peak! Go take a look. you will also find these new uploads in my portfolio section.

Side note i am in the process of changing my watermark so you will see some photo’s with the old one and some with the new one over the next few weeks you will see that all photo’s will have the new watermark on them!

thats it for today everyone!

take care and remember to keep smiling for the camera!


JsC Photography

New Family Layout

Hey guys!

Check out the new layout on family photo’s! I updated the layout to the same way i have my wedding portfolio organized. Now you are able to browse photo’s in terms of category. This will help clients be able to find exactly what they are looking for!

Take a look and let me know what you think!

Have a great day and remember to keep smiling for the camera!

Jen at JsC Photography                                                                                           

Sneak Peak!

Good Afternoon!

This morning i went out to do some maternity photo’s and i couldn’t help but when i got home today to upload them up right away and start playing around with them! The weather was amazing with a light snow fall! so we couldn’t pass it up we went out in the snow and take some cute pictures! take a look down below as I got together a little sneak peak of some of these amazing shots! I hope you all enjoy them as much as i am! keep an eye out for more of these wonderful photo’s in the next week or so!

Remember to keep smiling for the camera!

Jen at JsC Photography


A Few New Samples

Hello everyone!

Its been a very busy time for me with last minute family photos for christmas as well as a few weddings and client meets. At this time i would like to share with everyone a little sneak peak at what i have been working on! i have a wedding sample as well as a new born sample.

Take a look down below at some new pictures as well as you will be able to find these in the portfolio section of the website.

untitled-1746 untitled-1892 untitled-1920 untitled-1943 untitled-2361untitled-2287Jen at JsC Photography